The Facts and Nothing But The Facts

1) Question: Is TanGLe Grid a Hypergrid World?
1A) TanGLe Grid is a Limited Hypergrid World.....Our Hypergrid setup Explained

2) What viewer is the best for the grid?
2A) Any viewer your computer can run effectively. A good starter viewer is Imprudence ver. 1.4.0 beta 2 (not a Mesh Viewer and does not work on Variable Regions) or choose from the list on this page  > Viewer Help.

3) Are there any system requirements?
3A) Yes, you should have at least 3 Gigs of memory and a SSE2 compliant processor. XP or higher operating system. Reason is most Mesh viewers for opensim require SSE2 to operate properly. Our Grid has and uses Mesh and Variable Regions. Windows 8 viewer that works for most would be Firestorm (opensim version)

4) Can one purchase Currency for the Grid?
4A) Yes , we use Paypal to purchase inworld currency. Minimum buy is 1000 Tbucks or $2.50 US. 1USD = 400 Tbucks
4B) Can I cashout my Tbucks?
A. Yes you can. You will be able to cashout via your member area. You will be asked to fill in a small form and submit it to Leslie Kling. Then 1 time per week the money will be transferd to your paypal account.

5) Can one purchase regions/sims or lots of land and is there any limit?
5A) No limits have been set and Yes one can purchase regions/sims and or purchase or rent lots. Contact Leslie Kling in world for more information. IF you can afford it we will supply.
5B) To see the cost of Regions and or Lots click this link  >>   Region and Rental Cost

6) Does the Grid offer any freebies?
6A) Yes, to New Arrivals we offer everything to get you set up. Skins and shapes, clothing, furniture, apartments and houses (Free, just click the sign in front of the building), TanGLe Suburbs), Shops (1 Tbuck per 30 day month) (TanGLe Town). This helps new Residents get established. We also offer a Money Tree to help new Arrivals get a few Tbucks to start them off.

7) Is it possible to transfer funds from other Grids to TanGLe Grid and from TanGLe Grid ?
7A) At this time no...SL and IW have stopped virtual money transfers to any other grid but we keep looking for a way to do this.

8) Are there any activities available on Grid?
8A) Yes, we have several clubs on Grid that offer events throughout the week and weekends. There are also games available at the Coffee Shop and TanGLe Suburbs in the games house.

9) What happens if my account is inactive for any length of time?
9A) Accounts that have been inactive for 1 Year or more will be closed and will not be retrievable. All monies will be returned to the grid and your lands and goods deleted should any be found. Should you decide to return to TanGLe Grid you will be starting fresh.

EUCD-DMCA TanGLe Grid (Netherlands Europe)

Q. If someone finds infringing content on your grid, who should they contact?
A. You are to create a notecard and forward it to Leslie Kling in world.

Q. Will you remove infringing content once you're notified about it?
A, If we find there is due cause to remove said item, we will do so.

Q. If a user uploads infringing content repeatedly, how will you deal with that user?
A. Their inventory will be removed and their account closed. We do NOT want this kind of behavior happening on TanGLe Grid.

Download a copy of the EUCD-DMCA